Saturday, November 9, 2013

Lay figure

Once I am happy that the geometry of enlargement on the three boards is in concert, I make a lay figure to set the drapery on.  This is a very time-consuming stage in the process and has, so far, taken me about 3 weeks.  It is not a matter of making a has to be a form that works as a convincing figure when real fabric is applied...actually it looks quite odd unclothed...not like a body at all.  Moreover, I use sections of life-cast for the stretch moments (ie, the right knee and left elbow) and, while this is useful, it is nigh on impossible to cast a joint in exactly the correct position, so they need a lot of filing and building-up.

When the lay figure does come together, however,  it is invaluable as a reference for how the drapery moves, but getting there is a hair-puller and stretches the team's patience  Each revision to the clay, which is then clad in cling-film, means that Liz has to un-stitch and re-sew the clothes.


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