Monday, May 27, 2013

Maquette base board

Here is the .25 life-size maquette base board. 41.2 cm dia.  If you look closely, you will see where the left foot will go (about 10 o clock).  The constellations are plans for the armature.  For example, the cross at 6 o clock is the angle of the pelvic girdle, the line coming off towards the foot is the upper thigh and so on.  To plot my armature, I plumb the points up to certain heights.

fragment of history

Matthew Flinders joins The Royal Navy.   His name is recorded on HMS Alert, but this was, most likely, shoe-horned into the log in order to give him the provenance necessary to secure a future posting.
He arrived on board HMS Scipio in 1790, so it must have worked.  I once manipulated my own CV  in my twenties so I have nothing but sympathy for novices trying this kind of thing on to get a foothold.

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