Friday, May 31, 2013

Clay 2

I now build the body up anatomically...

...and problem areas start to show up...for example, the turn of the right hip and the feel of the right shoulder.  It has to look as if he is delicately holding the the modelling session, the model started to lean on the divider mock-up, which is just a triangle of wood, and so distorted the feeling in the shoulders.  This movement begins in the shoulder.

In general, I am happy with the proportions and composition.

Now I have identified the problem areas, I will have another session with the model this weekend.

Once the anatomy is right, I will begin to add drapery.

fragment of history

In the 18 months following September 1792, when Louis XVI was relieved of his head, 16,594 people or 'enemies of the revolution' were guillotined in France.

Madame Tussaud sees a gap in the market.

French Revolutionary War begins after France declares war on Great Britain, The Netherlands and Spain.

After returning to England from his voyage with Captain Bligh, Matthew re-joins HMS Bellerophon and rises to the rank of senior midshipman.  The task was to protect the English shore from French ships.  


Paganini gives his first concert aged 11.
Marie Antoinette and Madame du Barry are guillotined.

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