Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mould and wax

Silicon rubber is pasted over the plasters

And a fibre glass jacket goes over the top.

Juggles, or registration handles, lock the rubber mould into the jacket.  The mould for the base is on the left and the tube in the background is for Trim....note that Trims mould has no jacket - this is because an alternative with smaller pieces, is to use a drainage pipe as a wall, place the sculpture inside and simply pour in the rubber.  The thickness of the rubber holds its shape. 

Each section of mould is registered to its neighbour with nipples.

A section of mould, or 'cap', snug in its jacket ready to be painted in with hot wax.

Once the hollow wax positive is made, here by Amy Sterly at Castle Fine Arts Foundry, I check it over...

....using the plaster master copy for reference.

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