Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Assembling the plaster maquette

Having cast the base to plaster, I re-scribe the outline of the map and cut registration holes in for the figure etc

I cut the inscription 'CAPT. MATTHEW FLINDERS 1774 - 1814' into the plaster

I place Trim the cat on the base.  I had originally felt that Trim might look good being closer to Matthew; perhaps leaning in against his leg in that cat affectionate way that cats have.  But I could not make it work without un-balancing the feeling in the figure.  This seems to work a lot better...and also balances the contact points.  See later pic.

Thinking about mapping instruments as relief design.  I am trying all kinds of combinations, but feel that the base is beginning to look too cluttered.  I have decided to simplify things for the time being and keep only Trim and a telescope. 

The yellow stain is, believe it or not, pigeon poo.  Yesterday, a pigeon flew down my chimney and into the studio with a theatrical flourish. What kind of bird flies down a dark chimney on a sunny day? It panicked and shat everywhere...narrowly missing me but hitting the base just as I was filling in some chipped sections on the side.  

And lastly, at Castle Fine Arts Foundry with manager Steve Page discussing the casting to bronze.

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