Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Clay Tuesday

I have added the base...thicker than it will be..see earlier post.

My first thought is that the base is too big for the figure...

...but that could be because the figure is yet to fill out to volume.  

fragment of history

Matthew takes part in The Battle of Brest (aka the Glorious First of June), the first major battle of the 22 year war between England and Revolutionary France.
After some nifty tacking around the back of the French ships,'our first fire was directed on a large frigate which brought up the enemy's rear, but she soon made sail and went windward of the next ship (Revolutionnaire) on whom we immediately pointed our guns.  In a few minutes she returned it with great spirit...'.


 Horatio Nelson loses his right eye in Corsica.
Men of Harlech is published.

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