Thursday, June 20, 2013

Finished clay

I am happy with the movements and volumes in the clay figure.  Here are some pictures.


I now cast the figure into plaster.  This will mean I can refine the surface, tighten up some of the forms and offer the figure onto the base as the design develops.

Brass shim is inserted into the clay to make seams.

Plaster is flicked on - the dark is a 'colour coat'...see later.

The mould is complete and strengthening irons are added


The pieces of the mould are removed.  The dark 'colour coat' is the first layer of plaster and is there so that, when we chip the mould off from the to be cast plaster positive, we can see what is mould and what is form.

The next step is to fill the mould with white plaster...then

The mould is chipped off...

..the plaster positive of the clay.

Now I offer the figure up to a new, deeper base and plot the map so that the divider points marry with a part of the coastline.  I then trace the map outline through onto the clay.

Having worked the plaster figure cast up and cleaned the seams, the design of the mapping instruments begins before the relief modelling on the base.

I am modelling the cat, Trim, from our own at home and will introduce him(?) into the design relief on the weekend.  

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